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The best Bootstrap 5 starter theme with built-in SASS

# Date Notes
3.3.0 21 June 2024
  • Font Combinations revamp: new couples added, with Variable fonts only
  • Minor bugfixes on style guide and font loading
  • Removed jQuery FontPicker library
3.2.0 17 June 2024
  • Font Choice revamp: by default, variable fonts are proposed, and all font weights are imported
  • Adds CodeMirror to Add Code to Header & Footer Customizer sections 
  • Added option to disable Bootstrap in case you want
  • More solid Lightbox JS startup (Lightbox is always opt-in via Customizer)
  • Added a filter ('ps_main_sass') to add your own SASS programmatically to the pipeline
3.1.0 29 feb 2024
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.3.3
  • NinjaBootstrap SCSS utilities updated, with Tailwind Grays and mw- classes
  • Updated WooCommerce outdated template order.php
  • Lightbox enhancement: now the .nolightbox class can be also on a elements
  • Bootstrap Popover support (automatic initialization)
  • Single.php template: modified color class use to leverage tertiary colors
  • Single.php template:  Featured image HTML tag has been changed from background image to <img

3.0.2 22 nov 2023
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.3.2
  • Dark mode support: in the Customizer, a switch can be enabled in the Navigation bar
  • SASS Compiler is now frontend-based
  • Customizer: shows live previews of variable changes without having to Publish
  • Customizer: added AI-assisted color palette generator
  • Customizer: added Style Guide
  • Customizer: updated Google Fonts list
  • Customizer: in the Header Navigation bar, added subtle color variants
  • No more "livereload", to reduce server overhead, unless you enter AutoRecompile mode
  • In case of manual changes to the SASS files, compiler can be triggered from the button on the admin bar
  • SCSS Custom Bootstrap Loader, more granular control
  • NinjaBootstrap SCSS utilities added
  • In the Customizer, SCSS variables can be reset, loaded, exported to JSON
  • Removed incompatibility with Alpine Linux (GLOB BRACE)
  • WooCommerce outdated template updated
2.1.1 8 nov 2023
  • JS enqueue fixes to guarantee compatibility with WP 6.4
2.1.0 5 may 2023
  • Multilanguage support including DE, ES, FR, IT, PT, RO, NL
  • WooCommerce Sale label fix
  • GT gallery fix: Gutenberg global styles are now removed only if GT is disabled from Customizer
  • Fix logo in 404 template
  • Added container-content-xx classes to facilitate CSS targeting
  • LIGHTBOX trigger change.
    NOTE: If you need to extend the lightbox to more areas, add the autolightbox class to any div wrapping elements that need lightboxing
  • Content Filtering support so LC-powered pages will still show correctly
  • Switch JS loading from Async to Defer
  • Added option to auto-initialize tooltips
  • Responsive Alignment fixes
  • LiveReload enhancement to bust cache
2.0.1 29 Nov 2022
  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.2.3
  • Updated WooCommerce templates
  • removed an additional Gutenberg CSS introduced in WP 6.1, if GT disabled
  • Fix excerpt in LC templating preview
2.0.0 19 Oct 2022
  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.2.2
  • Updated SCSSPHP compiler to v1.11.0
  • Added color shades opt-in feature
  • Full refactoring of font import logic
  • Updated to Google fonts API 2.0
  • Full refactoring of compiler feature for being less aggressive on servers
  • Autocompile check if browser tab has focus before start
  • Font loading header code is now customizable, eg to handle multiple font weights
  • Added option to use alternative Google fonts anonymous loading for GDPR compliance
  • Remove Default WP inline style
  • Added customizer option to disable Gutenberg
  • Added customizer option to disable block editor for widgets
  • Added customizer option to disable XML-RPC
  • Added video manual links in each customizer panel
  • Fixed json Theme Settings import
  • Single Post sharing buttons now look better across devices
  • Removed customizer option for disabling single post metas, and split it into two separate options to disable date and author separately
  • Transparent menubar fix
  • Added Spanish translation
  • Lots of small tweaks and enhancement
  • Un-render-blocking CSS PHP header code as per https://www.phpied.com/faster-wordpress-rendering-with-3-lines-of-configuration/
  • Live Preview of Font Families and some more Customizer settings via CSS Variables
  • Woocommerce support total refactor, mostly via SASS, eliminating lots of template overriding.

1.7.6 10 Mar 2022
Fixed issue that could prevent loading the BS JS when using child themes
1.7.5 08 Mar 2022
  • Stop referencing WP_CONTENT_DIR
  • Enqueue BS JS locally
  • Twitter Sharing Fix
  • Minor label enhancements
1.7.0 14 Feb 2022
  • Updated SCSSPHP compiler to v1.10
  • Fix view of Theme options page on WP 5.9
  • Add page template: Default without Jumbotron
  • Add page template: Bootstrap Demo
  • Customizer: Added logo to bootstrap-related options
  • Customizer: Updated Font Picker Library
  • Customizer: Updated Google Fonts list
  • Customizer: move down the RFS option
  • Customizer: font combination tool hidden under a click
  • Added link to Theme options Page from frontend Customize menu
1.6.0 15 Nov 2021
  • Switched Nav Walker to alexweblab's bootstrap_5_wp_nav_menu_walker and patched the code to properly accommodate multilevel menus in the navbar.
  • Commented filter removing standard classes to wp_list_pages
1.5.3 08 Nov 2021
  • Based on Bootstrap 5.1.3 and SCSSPHP v1.8.1
  • SASS Compiler now checks subfolders
  • Saves the theme version to theme settings export json files
  • New feature: Scroll detection option, can be enabled in Customizer Global Options
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Child theme: reads HTML blocks and sections from folders and makes them available to LiveCanvas
1.0.0 20 May 2021
First public release

Picostrap5 Blank Child Theme


# Date Notes
2.1.1 8 nov 2023
  • JS enqueue fixes to guarantee compatibility with WP 6.4
2.1.0 5 May 2023
  • Switched JS load mode from Async to Defer
  • Minor enhancements
  • Added commented code to easily add Lottie JS and Rellax JS
2.0.1 29 Nov 2022
  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.2.3
2.0.0 19 Oct 2022
  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.2.2
  • Requires Picostrap v2
1.3.0 27 Feb 2021 In functions.php, some neat commented utilities have been added. A couple active rows have been added as well to disable the new "Application Passwords" feature of WordPress for security reasons. If you need this feature in your project, just uncomment the lines.

Some more optimizations and small tweaks have been added for the new Picostrap 1.3.

Please note that your old child themes based on older versions of the base child theme shall equally work fine with the new Picostrap parent, no problem.