Picostrap Docs

In the videos below, you will learn how the picostrap theme works in detail, in order to make the most out of it.
Please note that these videos are also accessible via direct links
from within the WordPress Customizer of the Theme.

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1. Introduction to picostrap: the fastest Boostrap starter theme

A brief introduction to the most powerful WordPress Bootstrap theme.

2. Customizing Bootstrap easily with the WordPress Customizer

We’ll show you how can quickly customize Bootstrap to match your visual language, directly using the wordpress customizer.

3. The child theme folder structure: adding your SASS

A brief introduction to the most powerful WordPress Bootstrap theme. Learn how to add your own SCSS / CSS / JS code properly.

3.1 Navigation, optional topbar,  Menu tips and tricks

An effective navigation is important for site usability and SEO: learn to tweak the Main Navigation bar, Optional Topbar and Menus.

3.2 Footer, Widgets, Homepage Settings

Diving more into the Customizer settings of the Theme, discover how to tweak the footer to your taste.

3.3 Single & Archive Options, Header/ Footer code, Global Utilities

In this video we'll show you some other useful options of the picostrap theme, the Bootstrap 5 starter theme for WordPress.

4. The Theme Dashboard

In this video we'll focus on the picostrap theme dashboard and its functions as for example the import/export your setting, how to force the CSS Bundle to be rebuilt and how to reset settings.